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This Placed

Commissioned by and located at the Arts&Rec Uptown rooftop, This Placed is a work that celebrates the two most recent homes of the artist: South Korea and Minneapolis.

Inspired by Korean folk art and her experiences with the generous Minneapolis community, the artist brings her two homes together in a piece that speaks to the impermanence of what she has always equated with the term 'home'.

The Hyeonmu, at the center of the piece, is a mystical creature that is the protector of the city of Seoul, where the artist lived before moving to Minneapolis in 2020. Along with the Hyeomu, the tigers are also protectors of the people. The magpie represents good fortune and has been altered into the state bird, the loon. The moon and sun are elements of the Phoenix Throne where the Korean monarchy ruled. Last but not least, the dashed lines represent the many beautiful lakes of Minnesota.  

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