Hello and Annyeonghaseyo!

I'm Bo Young An (Bo An), an interdisciplinary artist from Korea.

I was born in Korea, raised in Thailand and pursued my higher education (B.A. in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts) in Seattle. I am currently an MFA candidate at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. 

I am a multidisciplinary artist who works mainly with painting, illustration, and design. Growing up in a polycultural environment that included aspects of Korean, Thai, British, and American cultures, the concept of identity, which for most is primarily rooted in one or two geographical locations, is an area of active discovery for me. This discovery happens simultaneously with the mending of my relationship with my own Korean heritage and feelings of being an outsider. 

My artworks are a collaboration between past and present that uplift under-acknowledged artistic traditions and practices in a way that has mass appeal. Using various media (illustration, painting, embroidery, video, etc.) and the aesthetics of pop and eastern art, she tells the stories of a blended multicultural identity. 

When I'm not creating, I can be found binge reading the latest thriller novel / listening to true crime podcasts / snacking / engrossed in a new hobby / looking for cats and dogs to pet around Minneapolis.

Currently: stressing about Thesis

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