Horangee 호랑이

Solo Show : Suitcase Gallery

March 2021

Growing up in a polycultural environment that included aspects of Korean, Thai, British, and American cultures, the concept of identity, which for most is primarily rooted in one or two geographical locations, is an area of active discovery for me. This discovery happens simultaneously with the mending of my relationship with my own Korean heritage and feelings of being an outsider.


Illustrated book spreads

The children’s storybook is part of the bedtime story ritual that children in most countries experience growing up. By adding an illustrated recipe of a Korean dish, I link the two family rituals that take place within the family space of the bedroom and the kitchen. Korean folktales were mostly told orally, which resulted in numerous versions of one story, and recipes were and still are passed down through generations through home cooking. In my family, nothing was transcribed. We learned stories by repetition, and recipes by tasting. These repetitions were acts of service, the love language of Korean culture. The transcription of the story and recipe in both written and visual forms help the continuation of the ritual that is more sustainable than oral traditions in contemporary society.

Suitcase Gallery

Suhoshin Banners

The making of : A phrase commonly used in Korea when one is overcome by an intense urge to act on something, it is said that one is possessed (hol-li-da) by an entity whether it is an ancestor or a spirit. The uninhibited feeling I got whilst painting the tiger banners can be described as one such incident. The second painting was a tracing of the first as I believe the energy of the first should be transferred into the second.

Horangee Prints

The peaceful energy that blankets me when I am making the linework is a calming ritual in my art practice. The slight differences in these prints due to various reasons like mistakes, the addition of different coloured inks, and the random nature of the smoke illustration, ended up making each print unique in its own way despite the same production process reflecting the nature of living in a simultaneously collective and individual environment.