The audience is invited to eat a meal and also to a dialogue with the artist. There is a deindividualization of the artist that occurs when seen with imagery that may be stereotypically attributed to the collective Asian culture but through this meal, perhaps while eating something together, the audience can see the individual beyond the initial perception. Most relationships in Korean culture are formed during meals, surrounded by good food and drinks. The little nuances of one's body language during the act of eating is unique and holds many vulnerabilities that adds a heightened element of intimacy. Relationships blossom and strengthen at the dining table.

This video is also a part of a collaborative piece called We/Me: Eating Noodles together. I make work that speaks to the Asian experience in intimate and shared spaces and had the opportunity to bring this idea into video form with Interdisciplinary artist, Alejandro Junyao Zhang and installation artist, Genie Tran.