Exhibitions + Shows

BEING Exhibition

The 'Being’ show highlights how our identities under the intersecting social constructs shape us as creatives and celebrate the diversity of the BE collective. 


A group exhibition that invites us to drop down from the chaos into the essential foundation of existence as life twists & changes around us.

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 Routines and customs keep each of us going in challenging and good times whether consciously or not. For artists, each has a unique way to keep moving forward creatively and personally. Rituals, ArtReach St. Croix’s Mobile Art Gallery exhibit for Summer 2021, is an exhibit conceived and curated by William G. Franklin.


As Needed : long, slow, grounding states of wellness is an exhibition that explores the spiritual practices of healing and states of wellness. 


In collaboration with ACAB, Left Field holds events to exhibit experimental or conceptual video, animation, and performance work. 


Growing up in a multicultural environment that included aspects of Korean, Thai, British, and American cultures, the concept of identity, which for most is primarily rooted in one or two geographical locations, is an area of active discovery.