AS NEEDED : long, slow, grounding states of wellness

MCAD Library Show : Sept 18 - Oct 12 2021

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As Needed

As Needed : long, slow, grounding states of wellness is an exhibition that explores the spiritual practices of healing and states of wellness. By adopting a process of talisman (부적 Bujeok) making by Korean spiritual healers, 60 talismans were made over a span of 6 months. The talismans feature Korean symbols of good fortune, longevity, and overall well being.

As Needed : Talismans

The process of making the talismans included facing the east, which symbolizes the heavens, washing the hands of impurities and making a prayer before starting the painting of each talisman. When negative thoughts or energy entered while painting, the talisman would be burned. Using the smoke as a vessel to the spirit world, the negative energy is sent back. The envelopes that are part of the grid take the place of the talismans sent to loved ones.

Talisman Display.png

It was a pleasure to burn

It was a pleasure to burn is a video that accompanies the grid of talismans and is the recording of the burning of the talismans. The audio is of the soothing waves of the East Sea (DongHae 동해) captured over the summer of 2021 on the beaches of Sokcho (속초), Korea. 

The elements of earth, fire, water, and air in this exhibition allows a space to introspectively experience healing energy and spiritual wellness.