MFA Mid-program.jpg

MFA Spring Mid-Program Show

November 11, 2028

March 26 - 28th 2021

My section of the show has the Horangee guardians that welcome the audience inside the space. Within the space are the prints, embroidery, and illustration works I have been working on. 

This show features the work of members of the class of 2022 as they approach the half-way point of their MFA studies.

Show Statement of Intent 

I am an interdisciplinary artist who works mainly with painting and illustration. Growing up in a polycultural environment that included aspects of Korean, Thai, British, and American cultures, the concept of identity, which for most is primarily rooted in one or two geographical locations, is an area of active discovery for me. This discovery happens simultaneously with the mending of my relationship with my own Korean heritage and feelings of being an outsider. 

I grew up in a Korean household in Thailand and went to British and American schools. The exploration of the cultural multiplicity behind my works can be visualized as three concentric circles. The outer ring represents broad collectivist and individualist cultures that I grew up in (represented by the painting and the prints of the tigers), the second ring is my exploration of my Korean heritage (represented by the figure of the tiger in all the works and the children’s book) and the center is the culture that is uniquely formed in a family (the bedtime and cooking rituals in the illustrated children’s book and the mending ritual of the embroidery). These specific practices are ascribed to cultural rituals such as storytelling, mending, and the culinary arts. My artworks are a collaboration between past and present, using techniques such as embroidery and illustration, and aesthetics of pop art and eastern art brushstrokes, that uplift under-acknowledged artistic traditions in a way that has mass appeal.

West Talisman.jpg

Tiger Talisman Paintings and Tiger Prints

 The central figure in this exhibition is the Horangee, the tiger. The Horangee is an icon of Korea, my birth country. It appears in all aspects of Korean culture, from the shape of a map of Korea -- which resembles a tiger -- to its depiction in ancient Korean paintings. The tiger was the mascot for the 1989 Seoul Olympics, and it makes frequent appearances in Korean folklore.