The ArtReach St. Croix Mobile Art Gallery presents: Rituals​

An atypical exhibit of artists and how they made it through the last year

STILLWATER, MN – Routines and customs keep each of us going in challenging and good times whether consciously or not. For artists, each has a unique way to keep moving forward creatively and personally. Rituals, ArtReach St. Croix’s Mobile Art Gallery exhibit for Summer 2021, is an exhibit conceived and curated by William G. Franklin, an independent art curator and educator. Part anthropological project and part experiment on the museological display of objects.


Exhibition Dates: 

📍ArtReach St.Croix (Opening Party) 6-8 PM– July 1st
📍Lake Elmo Park Reserve – July 2-4
📍Afton State Park – July 9-11
📍William O’Brien State Park – July 30-August 1
📍Interstate Park-MN – August 6-8
📍Walker Art Center - August 21-22


YaDom  ยาดม

Scents have potent effects. The olfactory receptors are integral parts of our memory formation and life experiences. In Asia, herbal oils and balms are used in daily life for their healing properties. When I am feeling tired in my studio or feel the need to unwind, I screw off the top lid and inhale the small chapstick-sized tube called YaDom. When I have a headache, I screw off the bottom lid and dab the oils in my temples. This vial has been part of my life since I can remember. The mix of eucalyptus and menthol has many effects. It triggers my memories of me being car sick on the bus on the way to primary school and the bus monitor encouraging large inhales of Yadom to lessen the nausea, to all-nighters in college where I would dab some oil near my eyes (NOT RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS) to encourage alertness.
A lifelong relationship with numerous Ya-dom sticks, I can't say it’s a cure-all for all, but still now, when I feel tired, nauseous, or feel any physical, mental, or spiritual ailments, they dissipate with a deep inhale of the YaDom.